New York

André Mack is a renowned sommelier, winemaker and author who typifies Cadillac’s mantra of daring greatly and going against the grain to achieve greatness. André puts his success down to doing something ‘he was not supposed to do’, leaving a high powered financial job to start from scratch in the wine industry, driven by adventure and pure passion.

André lives and works in Brooklyn, New York where the fusion of cultures, infectious energy and vibrant atmosphere sets the backdrop to his adventurous life.


Tyler Jarosz is a ruthlessly hard-working, innovative, driven entrepreneur and mountain biker from Bozeman, Montana. Having grown up in and amongst the vast, breath-taking mountains he feels most free when he is pushing the limits of the human brain, hurtling down steep, technical terrain or careering through the crisp air.

Tyler has built up Twenty6 Products – his bike pedal business – from one machine and some borrowed time to now being a leading businessman in his field. He is constantly tuning, testing and pushing the limits of his bike and himself. The point where the two meet is where he finds his greatest joy.


Josefina Larrain Lagos is a creative, adventurous and free-spirited designer who has pioneered hacienda restoration in the Yucatan after impulsively taking a chance and following a dream. She has absorbed the vibrancy and sometimes chaotic rhythm of Mexico into her multi-cultured being and uses the colours, textiles, music, food and art of the Yucatan that surround her to influence the designs of the multiple high-profile structures she works on every single day. Mexico provides a level of freedom for well-travelled Josefina that she feels is unparalleled anywhere else on earth.


Colin Bell is a passionate, inspirational and ground-breaking wildlife conservationist. He is one of the early initiators and practitioners of the ‘Green Safari’ model, creating sustainable tourism in his native Africa in partnership with rural communities.

Colin has a drive to preserve that which has gone before him, working in and amongst the Okavango Delta which he describes as ‘the Africa we all dream of’.


Raya Ani is an award-winning, passionate architect who splits her time between Dubai and New York shaping new and ground-breaking urban environments. Her architecture firm RAW-NYC focuses on providing visionary and uniquely crafted buildings, interior spaces, and urban design solutions worldwide.

Raya’s work focuses on future technologies, future cities and economic and environmental sustainability. The urban metropolis of ever-developing Dubai provides the environment for her brand of strategic creativity whilst being juxtaposed with authentic, Arabic culture and undulating desert sands, providing unrivalled inspiration.


Hafdis Jónsdóttir is a successful, powerful and forward-thinking businesswoman, living and working in Iceland, the jaw-dropping land of fire and ice. Despite being the owner of WorldClass Gyms – a fitness empire she has grown from a solitary dance studio in Reykjavik to now catering for 10% of the entire population, each day Hafdis spends in Iceland is another day she is inspired by the mesmerising skies, bubbling geysers and sprawling volcanic shores of her homeland.