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Meet Raya Ani

Raya Ani is an award-winning, passionate architect who splits her time between Dubai and New York shaping new and ground-breaking urban environments. Her architecture firm RAW-NYC focuses on providing visionary and uniquely crafted buildings, interior spaces, and urban design solutions worldwide.

Raya’s work focuses on future technologies, future cities and economic and environmental sustainability. The urban metropolis of ever-developing Dubai provides the environment for her brand of strategic creativity whilst being juxtaposed with authentic, Arabic culture and undulating desert sands, providing unrivalled inspiration.

‘I love creating memorable experiences through design. I am inspired by the limitless possibilities, transforming something ordinary into something fantastic.’ Raya Ani

Raya is another powerful, inspiring and industry changing woman in our series. She brims with excitement and optimism about the landscapes she is designing, the structures she is building and the future she is shaping. Her background and experience of vastly differing environments – from Baghdad, to New York to Dubai give her a creative and cultural edge that set her apart from the rest at a young age. There is an energy Raya exudes which gives her a motivational presence.

As the American Institute of Architects – Middle East chapter 2017 President, a top 20 Middle East most powerful architect and with a list of honours and awards, having studied at Harvard & MIT, she is a highly intelligent and dynamic thinker. Her comfort zone is a metropolis, a hustling, busting cityscape which both Dubai and New York fit with perfectly to suit her fast paced and dynamic work schedule.

The contrast of Raya’s work against her personal life gives us an insight into what she draws inspiration from. Amidst colourful spice souks, ancient palaces, rolling sand dunes, rocky mountains and crystal blue pools there is a wealth of inspiration in Dubai that Raya absorbs on a daily basis, helping her to refresh and conquer new challenges.

Raya Ani is Founder and Design Director of RAW- NYC Architects, Dubai, UAE

The Desert Drive

The all new Cadillac XT5 blends luxurious interiors with innovative technology and thus perfectly complements a city like Dubai, where cosmopolitan luxury, architectural innovation, modern technology and raw nature collide. Together with the Cadillac XT5, we’ve constructed a Middle-Eastern excursion like no other – a trip to get your pulse racing and awaken every sense as we immerse you in a whole other magical world.

After your flight, you’ll arrive at The One and Only, The Palm. Settle into beachside luxury for a night’s rest and some well-deserved relaxation in the Guerlain Spa, letting the stress float away as you prepare yourself for a sensational few days.

All the City Sights

Enjoy a leisurely breakfast at your hotel and ready yourself for this morning’s journey into the thick of the action to get your first Dubai fix. You’ll be guided to some of the city’s most beautiful and iconic landmarks – the marvellously crafted Jumeirah Mosque built in 1979 is a fine example of modern Islamic architecture, the enchanting Jumeirah Burj Al Arab – the most luxurious tallest standing hotel tower in the world and the Burj Khalifa, the world’s jaw-dropping tallest building.

Continue your tour by the Sheikh Zayed Road, the shining heart of Dubai’s commercial district, where you will find spectacular modern buildings competing with one another in stark contrast to the Deira Spice and Gold Souks. Last stop of the day will be the Sheikh’s palace with the intriguing and innovative ancient cooling system – the old wind towers – at Bastaquia.

Feel the Rush

You’ll wake in the morning with butterflies in the pit of your stomach. It’s adrenaline time. The most adventurous boundary pushers amongst you will head to the Sky Dive Center for the most scenic free fall right above The Palm. A true once-in-a-lifetime moment. Don’t fret if that’s a step too far and you want your feet planted firmly on the ground, however, as the red dunes of Margham provide the scene for sand-skiing – a completely different type of invigorating discovery. We’ll lead you out to the dunes by a camel caravan for that extra touch of authenticity.

Romantic Evening Dhow

You’ve now really earned the right to luxuriously unwind. Take to Dubai Creek, an abode of historical waterways, and enjoy a beautiful two-hour cruise with Dubai’s illuminated skyline under the open stars. The cruise is accompanied by a 5* dinner and atmospheric music, so kick back and experience the most romantic of evenings gazing at both the modern and ancient architecture lining the riverbanks.

Mountain Safari

If you’ve still got some adventure left in you Hatta Mountains is a must for your last two days in Dubai. The old village of Hatta is the only mountain resort in the Emirates. Timing is everything as we’ll stop at the Friday market where you can find a variety of fruits, pots and carpets. Enjoy the spectacular views of the desert and the rocky mountain passes before we stop at the Hatta Heritage Village where the wadi winds through the mountain with lush green oasis and refreshing water pools either side (so don’t forget to bring your swimsuit).

Into the evening now, you’ll enjoy a spot of dune bashing in the middle of the desert, before heading on to the campsite for camel rides, belly dancing and a sumptuous BBQ dinner. Enjoy the calmness of the desert, the tranquillity of the night, and be mesmerized by the million stars that light the sky. As you settle into camp on your last evening, it’s time to contemplate and be inspired by the Cadillac XT5 and Black Tomato, planning your next big move in life.

The most adventurous boundary pushers amongst you will head to the Sky Dive Center for the most scenic free fall right above The Palm.

The Safari Experience The Big Sky Experience