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Meet Josefina Larrain Lagos

Josefina Larrain Lagos is a creative, adventurous and free-spirited designer who has pioneered hacienda restoration in the Yucatan after impulsively taking a chance and following a dream. She has absorbed the vibrancy and sometimes chaotic rhythm of Mexico into her multi-cultured being and uses the colours, textiles, music, food and art of the Yucatan that surround her to influence the designs of the multiple high-profile structures she works on every single day. Mexico provides a level of freedom for well-travelled Josefina that she feels is unparalleled anywhere else on earth.

‘Creativity is a language with which you can communicate things you cannot put into words.’ Josefina Larrain Lagos

Josefina experienced living in a vast range of countries and cultures before settling in her beloved Mexico, completely enamoured with how the Yucatan made her feel. She describes herself as previously being a ‘spectator’ whilst working as a designer, sculptor and architect, thinking deeply about her purpose and place on earth before becoming the pioneer of transforming archaic, beautiful haciendas into liveable structures still steeped in history and retaining the stories which lie within the original walls.

Creativity is at the heart of everything Josefina does and this is exemplified in every locally sourced stone-washed wall, every carefully crafted living space and every line or curve in the bespoke pieces of furniture scattered throughout her home, her office and her haciendas. Mexico magnifies her artistic instinct, providing an inspired blank canvas on which she creates.

Josefina is deeply committed and active in sparking social change that benefits society. As a loving wife and mother Josefina and her husband Salvador are passionate about promoting awareness for children with disabilities and are making huge waves locally, inspired by their son Ivan, to make sure all individuals are accepted and supported in achieving their potential within society.

Josefina Larrain Lagos runs Reyes Rios + Larrain Arquitectos, Merida, Mexico

The Fiesta Drive

Cadillac’s new XT5 is an example of creativity and technology working seamlessly together to produce great things. It’s this delicate balance that we see mirrored in Mexico, a vibrant land brimming with entrepreneurial enthusiasm and heart. It’s a place that any bold, driven traveller needs to experience, so we’ve been busy hand-crafting a trip that defines the beauty, culture and creativity of the country. We urge you to immerse yourself in the vibrancy of a new culture, engage with the history and absorb the energy.

Whether it’s relaxing on bright white sands and crystal blue waters, exploring ancient Mayan ruins or cruising through colourful local Yucatan life, this trip is set to blow the mind of even the most intrepid adventurer.

You’ll land in Cancun, but won’t stay for long, as we’re whisking you straight off to the beach paradise of ‘Be Tulum’ boutique hotel for instant luxury. Take a few days to laze on the idyllic beach and soak up the exotic sunshine. Embark on a private tour of the Tulum ruins and Sian Kaán nature reserve – a mixture of the most beautiful Mayan monuments and breath taking wildlife, flora and fauna. There’s no better place on earth to take a stroll.

Go Exploring

Now you’re well-rested, sun-tanned and without a shred of jetlag remaining, it’s time to get adventurous. Get your snorkel on or even better your diving gear and head out with your personal guide to explore all the mystery the underground caves and sinkholes (or ‘cenotes’) have to offer. Every cenote provides a different set of challenges, discoveries and incredible wildlife to swim amongst.

Culture Overload

Catch the Mexican sunrise with an early start, as your private guide takes you to the Mayan ruins of Chichén-Itzá. This series of pyramids and impressively hand-built structures is over 1500 years old and the most famous on the Yucatán peninsula. We’ll make sure you avoid the masses on your very own personal tour. El Castillo del Serpiente Emplumado is the main attraction so you’ll head straight here for a wander before learning all about the nearby Cenote Sagrado, a gaping sink hole once used for human sacrifice. Once your day tour is over, we’ll take you west, to the tip of Yucatán and the hustle and bustle of Merida.

Urban Colors of Merida

Spend the night in your urban retreat, the elegant La Hacienda, before waking for a half-day historical tour of the colonial city. On this brief but invigorating outing you’ll take in the sights of the main Zocalo, the museum of Canton Palace and the Monumento a la Patria. After this quick leap into Mexico’s history, we insist on you traversing the city as you please. Exploring yourself, you will stumble upon the very best in art, dining and Yucatan culture. Make the most of the wondrous city life, as the beach awaits once again.

Rejuvenate at the Maroma

It’s off to your last beautiful location to spend the remaining few days now, but we wouldn’t let you get there without seeing something beautiful on the way. You’ll stop off in the ‘Yellow City’ of Izamal, a city named after the brightly coloured buildings. Then, onwards to Maroma Resort for pure relaxation. Both jungle and beach surround you, not to mention the sparkling coral reef just off-shore packed with exotic fish. Spend the last few days of the trip being inspired and propelled by Black Tomato and the Cadillac XT5, then make plans for your next adventure and awaken new possibilities.

‘Both jungle and beach surround you, not to mention the sparkling coral reef just off-shore packed with exotic fish.’

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