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Meet Colin Bell

Colin Bell is a passionate, inspirational and ground-breaking wildlife conservationist. He is one of the early initiators and practitioners of the ‘Green Safari’ model, creating sustainable tourism in his native Africa in partnership with rural communities.

Colin has a drive to preserve that which has gone before him, working in and amongst the Okavango Delta which he describes as ‘the Africa we all dream of’.

‘My generation has had the most extraordinary experiences and interactions with wildlife and pristine environments that has enriched our lives and helped shape us as caring, nurturing human beings.’ Colin Bell.

For over 30 years Colin has worked across the majestic savannah of the Okavango Delta, surrounded by the vast ecosystem of wildlife, flora and fauna as the flow of water meets the scorching plains of the Kalahari Desert. The clash of water with desert brings a surrounding oasis of life that has to be seen to be believed.

Colin defines the unassuming, cause-driven adventurer who has carved green trails through the beauty at the heart of Africa with a focused mission to protect and preserve. He is powered by the knowledge that once gone, we cannot recreate what we have lost. He pioneers the necessity of working in partnership with the local communities that live amongst the wilderness and fights for the rural communities to be stakeholders in the boardrooms of both the tourism and wildlife industries.

Colin’s belief that wildlife enriches our lives and makes us caring, nurturing human beings drives his need to offer the next generation the same pristine environments we have enjoyed.

Colin Bell is Author of ‘Africa’s Finest’ and owner of new venture Natural Selection Travel in Cape Town, South Africa

The Safari Drive

Adventurous and untameable yet imbued with a sense of world-class luxury and unimaginable beauty; Africa is a destination that complements the values and design of the Cadillac XT5. It’s a destination for the trailblazers of our generation, and it felt natural, therefore, that we offer you the ultimate African itinerary. It’s time to begin your own explorations of the untouched savannah of the Okavango Delta whilst embracing the crucial conservation process.

This action packed, eye opening adventure will place you at the very heart of Africa’s eco-system. You’ll be fighting the apathy presenting the greatest risk to the Delta’s future, simply by being there.

Traverse the Plains

After arriving in the rural frontier town of Maun we’ll put you straight into your own private plane and fly you east to the Makgadikgadi Pans, where you’ll check into the often star-studded, luxurious 1920’s style Jack’s Camp. You’ll take in the sights of the vast, salty remains of an ancient super-lake from the air the entire way.

On arrival you’ll sip tea and settle down for a dreamy night’s sleep, getting yourself ready to take in a land irresistible to the great explorers of the past and a true oasis for the travelling adventurer. You’ll be camping, but in the most magnificent comfort imaginable.

Meet Your Tracker

Wake up to breakfast with a view and meet your Bushmen trackers. They’ll teach you all the tricks of the trade needed to survive in this harshest of environments before introducing you to some inquisitive inhabitants of the bustling plain. From cuddling up to friendly meerkats to tracking hyena or wildebeest over the scorched, white earth, your eyes will constantly be wide in astonishment.

Quad Bike to Kubu Island

For the thrill seekers amongst you, this is your moment to feel alive. We’ll take you to Kubu Island, home of ancient, bloated baobab trees and the largest flamingo colony on earth at break neck speeds on quad bikes across the surface of the moon – at least, that’s how it will feel. Enjoy a candlelit dinner to refuel before bedding down under the clearest, starry sky you’ll ever see. The next morning, you’ll ditch the quad and over to a private chopper this time to whisk you to the waterways of the delta, in stark contrast to the salt plains.

Immerse Yourself

After flying the mesmerising Delta your resting spot will be in the beautiful Khwai Concession at the Belmond Khwai River Lodge. Tucked by a forest of leadwood and figs trees right on the River Khwai floodplains, you’ll have front row seats to witness the wildlife that flocks to the water in droves. It’s a photographer’s dream.

Whilst here we will arrange trips into the local communities for you to immerse yourself in the local culture, meet the local people and place yourself at the very heart of the Green Safari model of conservation, meeting the beneficiaries and indigenous members of the board.

All that’s left is to enjoy the remainder of your time in nature’s paradise before a 50 minute boat will whizz you to the airstrip for your private charter back to Maun.

From cuddling up to friendly meerkats to tracking hyena or wildebeest over the scorched, white earth, your eyes will constantly be wide in astonishment.

The Fiesta Experience The Desert Experience