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Meet Tyler Jarosz

Tyler Jarosz is a ruthlessly hard-working, innovative, driven entrepreneur and mountain biker from Bozeman, Montana. Having grown up in and amongst the vast, breath-taking mountains he feels most free when he is pushing the limits of the human brain, hurtling down steep, technical terrain or careering through the crisp air.

Tyler has built up Twenty6 Products – his bike pedal business – from one machine and some borrowed time to now being a leading businessman in his field. He is constantly tuning, testing and pushing the limits of his bike and himself. The point where the two meet is where he finds his greatest joy.

‘The freedom that I feel when I’m deep in the mountains fuels the adrenaline that I feed off.’ Tyler Jarosz

Tyler spends his professional life crafting intricate, beautifully engineered mountain bike parts. To him, technology means innovation, speed, precision, convenience, and comfort. The smallest touch of a break or shift of weight is everything to Tyler. When he rides, his body is reacting to the information his brain is taking in faster than the human eye can process it. It makes him feel alive.

Mountain biking takes an unparalleled amount of mental and physical energy, producing the highest amount of adrenaline along with a huge sense of accomplishment. It is this adrenaline Tyler finds in the Montana mountains which drives him forward, keeps him centered, and allows him to stay focused in the other areas of his life. Mountain biking embodies the challenge to improve and progress as a person. He is keen to constantly push himself both physically and mentally to discover the limits of what he can endure.

The cascading, undulating mountains of Montana and Wyoming provide the Big Sky backdrop and the serenity of raw American wilderness to his daily life. There is an inherent optimism in the mountains, a freshness and a freedom that inspires the success of Tyler’s business and makes for a truly invigorating ride through life.

Tyler Jarosz owns Twenty6 Products in Bozeman, Montana, U.S.A.

The Big Sky Drive

The first ever Cadillac XT5 is a vehicle that represents the breaking of boundaries. It’s a model whose design and technology encourages one to imagine the possibilities. And where in the world encourages such imaginings as well as Montana, a destination of endless blue sky and vast landscapes? Montana invigorates the most intrepid of adventurers, but does so beneath its very own wondrous blanket of Big Sky.

Ranch Life

It’s time for us to remove you from civilisation and immerse you entirely in pure, luxurious mountain life. The Ranch at Rock Creek, Montana has it all, from peaceful walks and invigorating spa treatments to access to the most awe-inspiring rural scenery imaginable.

First things first, take a day or two to unwind and rejuvenate. Sample the rodeo bison burger barbeque, the full tasting menu or simply kick back in the Silver Dollar Saloon and live-out your Wild West fantasies in style.

Venture outdoors at your leisure to embark on any countryside pursuit that takes your fancy including horseback riding, sporting clay shooting, fly fishing or hiking. Home to elk, wolves, moose, beavers, coyotes and more, there will never be a dull moment.

Yellowstone White Water Rafting

Now begins the road trip of all road trips and what it lacks in distance it makes up for in beauty. You’ll drive to your next slice of natural beauty through Yellow Stone National Park, home to some of the finest raw nature on the face of the earth.

When you need a break, forget dull service stations, we know how to really refresh the mind – with a spot of white water rafting. Burst through the rapids with your expert guide leading you on a completely safe, adrenaline packed half day. But don’t worry, it’s off to luxury once more….

Teton Mountains

You’ll arrive at Amangani, Jackson Hole on the edge of the Teton mountains, a beating heart of immense natural splendour. Settle into your surroundings of oak panelling, crackling fireplaces and romantic terraces. Amangani is a truly idyllic and peaceful retreat.

Venture Out

Depending on the time of year, finishing off your trip with a range of activities in the Teton mountains is a must. If it’s ski season, you’ll find snow-capped peaks just outside your front door with a range of skiing and snowboarding for all ages. If not, it’s summer time mountain biking and wildlife spotting that will fill your lungs with the freshest air and your mind with pure serenity.

Regardless of the season you’ll have the option in the evening of a deep soaking bath tub or bubbling Jacuzzi, all the while with glowing mountain vistas to gaze across. And as you do, be inspired by the Cadillac XT5 and Black Tomato to plan your next bold move in life.

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