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New York Experience

Meet André Mack

André Mack is a renowned sommelier, winemaker and author who typifies Cadillac’s mantra of daring greatly and going against the grain to achieve greatness. André puts his success down to doing something ‘he was not supposed to do’, leaving a high powered financial job to start from scratch in the wine industry, driven by adventure and pure passion.

André lives and works in Brooklyn, New York where the fusion of cultures, infectious energy and vibrant atmosphere sets the backdrop to his adventurous life.

‘Once you realize that the people who made the rules are no different than you and I, you can create your own world with your own rules.’ André Mack

André Mack is a pioneer and innovator in the wine industry both in his approach and his delivery. Driven by the belief that each person is defined as an original creator and an artist in their own right, André views his industry with the constructive irreverence often needed to instigate meaningful change.

André embraced the surprise of those not ‘expecting the sommelier to look like him’ and felt empowered to be making waves in an unexpected industry. He always felt the world of wine was shrouded in mystery and culture and was drawn to the adventure of exploring options within this world for himself. Studying endless wine lists to further his knowledge and working back up from the bottom, André was not afraid to follow his dream. He put his own spin on the often antiquated wine industry when moving from sommelier to winemaker, now running ‘Mouton Noir Wines’ (meaning ‘black sheep’).

André’s upbringing and history in Brooklyn is something he instinctively and intentionally pulls from his past and puts into his creations. Citing street art, skateboard culture and punk rock as influencing his ‘first generation wine making’, André is not shackled to traditional marketing approaches of regions or chateaus, instead viewing wine as a personal condiment to life through his own art, geography and history. He puts his unique stamp on his brand and rejects wine critiques, believing wine is subjective and seeking approval stifles forward-thinking work. It is this bold attitude that enables André to constantly push boundaries, put his energy into what feeds him and let his ‘play’ define his ‘work’.

André Mack runs ‘Mouton Noir Wines’ + ‘Get Fraiche Cru’ design agency in Brooklyn, New York.

The City Drive

Both energetic and sleek, seamlessly cutting edge and hosting an intricate balance of powerful technology and lavish comfort – the new Cadillac XT5 and the sprawling metropolis designed to inspire, New York City are the perfect pairing. Let us guide you through the urban adventurer’s favourite playground and out east to truly uncover New York’s hidden beauty.

From helicopters and fine wines to vintage clothes and pizza perfection, this whistle-stop tour of New York City and its natural surroundings will push your boundaries and invigorate your spirit. First stop, the sublime Bowery Hotel in the trendy East Village.

Chic East

After checking in and having a refreshing evening drink in the divine hotel bar (with the friendliest staff around), take a gentle ten minute stroll down Bleecker and Mulberry to the exquisite, eclectic Chefs Club for dinner. Soak up the atmosphere of the buzzing Lower East Side experiencing the cuisine of whichever All Star Chef is on hand to conjure up culinary genius that night. It’s then back to the Bowery to get your beauty sleep and shake any jetlag, as tomorrow is going to be pretty full on…

Wake up to a traditional New York bagel and coffee. Spend the morning exploring the artistic delights in St. Mark’s Place and the vintage clothes shops on Orchard Street, a stone’s throw from your hotel. For lunch the choices are endless but Contra (Contemporary American), Le Turtle (Modern French) or Babu Ji (Modern Indian) will all leave you feeling suitably impressed. In the afternoon meet André Mack himself for a private wine tasting of his Mouton Noir brands and insider view on the city.

Awaken your inner rock star and welcome in the evening with some breakthrough live music at Mercury Lounge or Bowery Electric. Of course if Broadway or the Knicks resonate deeper, we’re on hand to get you those VIP tickets. If you still have the energy for a cocktail after, Death & Company is one of the best cocktail bars on the planet.

Go West

Today is your artistic overload. Fuel up with a breakfast of the freshest organic ingredients at Russ & Daughters café and head west to walk the 1.5 mile Highline from midtown. This ‘aerial greenway’ or ‘linear park’ is a great way to view the city. Arriving at Gansevoort Street you’re a short walk from Cadillac House where the red carpet will be rolled out for your arrival. Get the grand tour, grab a coffee and check out one of the many, ever-changing, innovative exhibitions on display. Head back a few streets up for lunch at the famous Spotted Pig and be sure to try the Roquefort burgers.

If you’re feeling competitive and in the need to work off a long lunch, drop into Fat Cat for a spot of pool or table tennis before strolling across to the new Whitney Museum of American Art where we’ve arranged a completely private champagne tour of the gallery. All that’s left to do now is head back to your hotel, check out and be chauffeured across the bridge to Williamsburg. Arrive at your new dwelling, the fabulous Whythe Hotel, soak up your surroundings and relax.

Trendy Brooklyn

Coffee at Gotan is a must to kick start the day in Brooklyn. Wander down to Bushwick Inlet Park to stare back at Manhattan with breath-taking views across the Hudson River before threading your way through the vintage market scene at Artists & Fleas. Take a long, lazy afternoon lunch at fashionable Lilia before taking a car a short distance downtown to Dumbo Waterfront and Jane’s Carousel in Brooklyn Bridge Park. Look around and enjoy the views before heading off to catch an early show at Rough Trade Records or simply go straight to the rooftop bar at William Vale Hotel for sundowners and a view to die for.

Wine & Dine

After enjoying the cutting edge excitement of downtown Manhattan and bustling Brooklyn, it’s time for sheer, indulgent luxury, visiting André’s recommended vineyards out of town. First we’ll take you on a private helicopter ride over the city for good measure and out to Long Island before landing at North Fork. Your car will meet you there to chauffeur you on a wine tour like no other, NYC style. Sample the delights of Duckwalk, Sparkling Pointe and Pindar Vineyards before gazing at the impressive Hamptons waterside properties on your way back to the Whythe for a restful last night. If there’s one bar left in you, we highly recommend Fresh Kills or Maison Premiere to cap off an incredible trip.

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